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What is sustainability??

Is it just a word used by hippies to sound fashionable?
Or is it just a Hashtag used to gain more traction for our social media posts?

Okay, let's see what Wikipedia has to say: "Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly".
Only if we learnt the gravity of a situation by reading theoretical definitions.

Human nature as such is to work hard in order to save up enough (materialistic goods) for our kids and probably even their kids. Now one would say this is good long-term thinking, and yet how is it that the same humans have such short-term thinking when it comes to saving the environment for the benefit of their kids??

"I want you to act like your house is on fire", said one smart girl. Would we do nothing if this were true?? The consequences of not acting will be devastating and will alter our world forever, the same planet that our kids need.

So who cares if a layman does not understand the word sustainability, all he needs to understand is what he should do to ensure that his kid has a safe environment to thrive.
And what is going to make this happen??
We say, just thinking about the long term effects for just 5 seconds before your every action will make a huge difference. Try it !!!

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